KMR Handwoven
Grace & Compassion (left)
Love & Mercy (right)
23" x 78" (each piece)

Weaving is an intersection of threads. Warp (vertical threads) intersect with weft (horizontal threads) creating patterns in cloth. These panels are woven in a structure called double weave (two layers of cloth). Double weave cloth is designed by using “blocks” or a group of threads. Block “A” is one layer, Block “B” is the other layer.

For these pieces I assigned a number to each letter in the alphabet (A=1, B=2, etc). Then used a word to determine the number of blocks to create the repeated pattern across the width of the cloth. To determine the height of each block I used another word. The intersection of these words created the pattern for each panel.

Over the years I have looked for ways to express myself through the craft of weaving. These pieces reflect my response to current events here in Charlotte as well as our nation.
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